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Ecowell’s philosophy for skin care is simple. Create the best skin care products without damaging skin, health and the environment. We’re keeping our brand as close to the earth as possible using only certified ingredients from eco-friendly sustainable farming sources.

Our brand has always been firmly rooted within the eco bio segment with consistent steps towards escalating awareness of nature-derived ingredients. We believe in giving back to nature and also supporting the sources that do the same. Eco-friendly sustainable farming is the only farming source we trust and use for our products as we can be sure that everything we make cares not just for nature, health and skin, but supports a robust, sustainable farming community.

Our products are free of harmful synthetic chemicals, silicone, parabens, sls and sles, colouring agents, liquid paraffin, petroleum-based chemicals. Our products proudly bear the ICEA Certified Organic emblem as a testament to our commitment and stringent dedication in staying true to our philosophy.

What organic is interpreted as versus what organic really means has caused confusion among consumers and this is due to unregulated and unscrupulous practises by cosmetic companies around the world. Ecowell’s ethics have escalated its presence among organics consumers as its processes from end-to-end are certified at exacting European standards in addition to its ingredients.

Our ingredients are selected from only the best resources with only the most potent healing and beautifying properties nature has created. Formulated from years of R&D and created using an on-site purified water system which filters mechanically, chemically and microbiologically; our essential oils and natural extracts are painstakingly drawn from plants, flowers and seeds to maintain potent healing and beautifying properties. Processing these ingredients is crucial as any flaw in the process will diminish the nutritional content and potency of the ingredients.

These precious ingredients impart long-lasting regenerative, healing and soothing effects that only nature can create. Natural ingredients, when harvested and processed correctly, impart rich vitamins, antioxidants, anti-aging properties, anti-inflammatory properties, protective layers, deep hydration and so much more.


Strict Standards

Ingredients are grown without:

Pesticides | Synthetic Fertilizers | Sewage Sludge | Genetic Modification (GMO) | Ionizing Radiation

A product is allowed to call itself organic should it be formulated using all-natural ingredients, be free of parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, petroleum derivatives, genetic modification and contain between 70-95 % of organic ingredients.


This qualifies it to carry a “Made with organic ingredients” or “Organic” statement on its label.

What Does Certified Organic Mean?

“Certified Organic” means the ingredients have been grown according to strict uniform standards that are verified by independent state or private organizations.

In order for a product to receive certified organic accreditation, it must meet strict guidelines from a national or international governing body.
Very stringent rules apply for most organic certification bodies for a product to be able to call itself certified organic; it must contain at least 95 percent organic content.
The formula must be free of parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, genetic modification and petroleum derivatives. To be sure, always check for the logo from an accredited certifier.

What are Eco Bio Cosmetics?

Eco Bio Cosmetics

Safe and natural products
– No Chemicals!


Not harmful for:

Dermatological & Microbiological Tests
– Pure And Derma-Compatible Ingredients!


Suitable For :
Sensitive Skin Types
Allergic Skin Types

Environmentally Friendly
Doesn’t Hurt The Environment!


Bottles & Packaging :


ECOWELL is Certified Organic by ICEA – Ethical and environmental Certification Institute (Italy)

ICEA – Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute (Italy) is a Consortium that controls and certifies companies that carry out their activities in respect of people and nature, defending workers dignity and rights of consumers.

ICEA is an internationally Accredited Consortium equivalent to European Bio-Cosmetics Certification.
Ecowell’s production site, processes and organic ingredients are all approved by ICEA.

ICEA – 13,000 Controlled Companies | 300 Inspectors | 28 Offices Around The World


Ecowell Organics products offer the rich resources of nature harvested the right way to ensure you can enjoy the real feeling of nature on your skin.


Winner of the Premio ValuCert Award 2014

Ecowell was the proud recipient of the distinguished Premio ValuCert Award in 2014. This award is bestowed to select certified Organic Cosmetics and Natural Cosmetics companies and/or products in recognition of the company’s commitment to the development of formulations complying with maximum respect for human health and the environment as well as recognition to companies that in the past two years have obtained the best results in inspections.

ECOWELL is Environmental Friendly.
ECOWELL Ingredients Are Organically Farmed

Fact : All Ecowell’s active ingredients are from organic farming

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